An R&D Studio and Software Factory

  • Electromagnetic Simulation Consulting

    Get unstuck with EM simluation with our range of specialized services: from EM modelling, to numerical method selection (FDTD, FEM, MoM, PO), open-source package customizations, parametric studies execution, or anything you need to bring your project to success.

  • CAD Software Development

    We create custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, enhancing efficiency and precision in your design workflows. Whether it's automating repetitive tasks, integrating advanced visualizations or other features, our team can deliver the innovative and reliable solution you need.

  • Performance Optimization and HPC

    We can analyze the performance of existing software systems, identifying and resolving bottlenecks in code, database queries, and overall system architecture.

  • Scientific Software Engineering

    We can help you develop scientific software projects: deploy them to the cloud, improve performance, enhance the test suite, review and refactor code for clarity and maintainability, improve documentation, and more.

  • Team Augmentation or Outsourcing

    We can bring the extra practical expertise you need to amplify your capabilities and collaborate for success, so you can focus on your core objectives without the overhead of permanent hires. Let's make your projects shine!

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    Martin D. Maas, PhD

    R&D Consultant and Founder

    • Applied Mathematics
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