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Harness Innovation and Cost Efficiency

  • Enhance your team

    Our services include expert training and comprehensive end-to-end engineering consulting - thus amplifing your capabilities, so you can focus on your core objectives without the overhead of permanent hires.

  • Save on expensive licenses

    By leveraging open-source tools and vendor-neutral file formats, we can help you take control of the EM simulation process and keep costs under control, and scale your R&D expenses only when when you need to.

  • Leverage the Cloud and HPC

    Realistic engineering configurations often push the limits of computing hardware and existing algorithms. For this reason, we can help you leverage cloud and GPU computing, and incorporating the latests HPC algorithms into customized solutions.

Basics of EM Simulation


Why EM Simulation?

Simulation enables rapid evaluation of design changes, avoiding the need of manufacturing physical prototypes, or even enable testing under conditions that are simply unfeasible.

How to Set up EM simulations?

  • Define material properties, and linear or non-linear material model.
  • Specify the incident fields and boundary conditions.
  • Select the simulation type: time-domain, frequency-domain, or modal analysis.
  • Choose a numerical method: Finite Elements, Boundary Elements, FDTD, or Physical Optics.

How to model the geometry?

  • Integrate with external CAD software.
  • Define a parameterized geometry.
  • Generate the meshes and perform a convergence analysis.

How to draw engineering conclusions from simulation?

  • Post-process the computed fields to evaluate the relevant variables.
  • Run parametric sweeps and analyze data to extract engineering insights.
  • Perform optimization of various design parameters.

Electromagnetic Simulation Consulting

From Concept to Execution

Step 1: Initial discussion and modelling

We'll begin with an in-depth discussion to understand your engineering challenges and objectives. Together, we'll translate your expertise into equations, material properties, boundary conditions, and solution strategies to build an initial prototype model, capturing the essential elements of your project.

Step 2: Collaborative development

We'll work closely with you to refine and expand the initial prototype model, enhancing and validating its accuracy and functionality through iterative development and feedback, ensuring it remains aligned with your goals.

Step 3: Engineering results

We'll deliver a comprehensive analysis of the refined model, presenting detailed engineering results and actionable insights to drive informed decision-making and effective implementation.


What we are building:

The EpsilonCloud Platform (coming soon)

HPC Cloud

Accelerated Numerics and GPU Computing

Leveraging the cloud and powerful GPU hardware, combined with advanced numerical acceleration techniques, enable unprecedent accuracy and realism, even for the most challenging configurations.

Direct CAD to CAE

High-order adaptive meshing is the key enabling technique to create transparent engineering simulations direcly from CAD files - removing the need to deal with meshes and convergence analysis for good.

Optimal Geometric Design

Fully differentiable solvers based on modern programming languages enable automatic differentiation, which can be combined with the adjoint method for obtaining gradients with respect to the geometry - which are integrated into optimization pipeline to solve optimal design or inverse problems.

Why EpsilonForge?

Hello there!

The story behind EpsilonForge is simple and commony found among many researchers. After many years in academica and diverse research roles, I've recognized both the potential and the limitations of theoretical work. Consequently, EpsilonForge was born as an attempt to bridge the gap between academic research and real-world innovation.

We offer specialized simulation consulting and R&D services globally... but what sets us apart? Well, we're not just about solving problems: by working closely with partners in academia and by committing to R&D, we ensure our solutions aren't just robust, but are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

So, if you're looking for custom solutions that blend mathematical software with practical innovation, EpsilonForge is your go-to partner. Let's collaborate at the intersection of math, software, and cutting-edge engineering!


Martín D. Maas, PhD

R&D Consultant and Founder @ EpsilonForge.

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