Computational Electromagnetics and CAD Software Development.

Our 3D Scientific Software Factory

  • Computational Electromagnetics

    We can craft custom simulation software tailored to your unique needs or help you integrate various open-source solutions into your workflow. From boundary integral equations, to volumetric and/or time-domain simulations.

  • CAD Software Development

    We can develop automated, efficient, and robust algorithms to handle CAD files and perform tasks like shape healing, mesh generation, geometric operations, visualization, and more.

  • Optimization and Inverse Problems

    We can devise custom algorithms for automated design optimization, or inverse problems, based on the adjoint method.

  • Performance Optimization

    We can analyze the performance of existing software systems, identifying and resolving bottlenecks in code, database queries, and overall system architecture.

  • Scientific Software Engineering

    We can help you develop scientific software projects: deploy them to the cloud, improve performance, enhance the test suite, review and refactor code for clarity and maintainability, improve documentation, and more.

  • Team Augmentation

    Besides consulting, we are available to help you through team augmentation services. We can bring the extra practical expertise you need to amplify your capabilities and collaborate for success. Let's make your projects shine!

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