Launching EpsilonForge

Launching EpsilonForge

A Sofware Development Studio and R&D Lab

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It has been many years since I wanted to launch a project like EpsilonForge - a software development studio and R&D lab.

Right now seems to be a fine moment.

Over the years, I’ve been working as an applied mathematician - wondering which applications to pursue and what kind of mathematics I should be focusing on.

I’ve been an industry intern, later participated in technology transfer projects from academia to government agencies, I’ve been a PhD student, a post-doc and a full-time researcher. So I think it’s fair to say that I’ve done a few things in various places and got a good feel for what mathematical R&D is about.

However, I came to realize that spending most of my time in academia rather than in a company with actual customers has its limitations.

For example, in academia, it’s hard to establish an agenda that goes beyond simple proof-of-concept kind of work. And while the early-stage ideation phase of a project is sometimes quite significant, it’s undeniable that industry’s pivotal advancements propel progress and fortify fundamental research, which makes it, arguably, a more interesting place to be in many ways.

For that reason, I felt the need to seek a different work environment - one where I can leverage both mathematical skills and software development craftsmanship.”

Specialization and trade: software and R&D services

By launching this place on the internet called EpsilonForge, I aim to provide specialized servicies and customized mathematical software to the global marketplace.

One of my inspirations comes from a seemingly simple, but yet profound idea: that specialization and trade have been one of the main driving forces of human progress for centuries. And in present times, thanks to modern information technologies, there is room for a lot more specialization and trade than ever before.

In addition to the trends of remote work and the global gig economy, I also hope to be able to remain in contact with talented people with fresh ideas in my area.

For that reason, I will try to find the time to participate in joint R&D projects with my alma mater institutions: the University of Buenos Aires and the CONICET research agency.

I envision the Epsilon Forge project as a bridge between the global industry and local researchers and students, providing both funding and motivation to explore promising areas of research.

If any of this resonates with you and you’re curious about what’s next, stay tuned. I intend to periodically share updates—whether about the services I offer, topics I’m exploring beyond client work, joint projects with academic partners, or discussions on industry trends.”